Lesson plans

Topics Include:

Roman London (invasion, building London Bridge and the London Wall
  Boudicca’s rebellion)
Viking invasion
Edward the Confessor and Westminster Abbey
Norman invasion and the Battle of Hastings
William the Conqueror and the Tower of London
Tudors – Henry VIII and Elizabeth I
William Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre
King Charles I and the English Civil War
 The Great Fire of London, Samuel Pepys and the Plague

St Paul’s Cathedral and Christopher Wren
Georgian – Buckingham Palace and King George III (Mad King George)
Samuel Johnson and the first dictionary
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
Victorian engineering – Tower Bridge and the Sewer System
Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar
The Duke of Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo
World War 2 – the Blitz and Winston Churchill
Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation

Lesson 1 – Trip to the Past

If you were going on a time travel trip with the Professor to the past which time period or year would you like to visit?

Who would you talk to?
What would you see?
What are the differences between then and now?
What would people be wearing?

Why not write a story about your adventure in this different time period?

Lesson 3 – Time Phone

The Professor has a Time Phone to speak to any person from history. If you could call anyone from the past who would you call? Why not write the conversation you would have with them?

Think about the following things:- ·     

What would you ask them?
How would the language be different?
What words or phrases that you use would they not understand?
What modern inventions might be useful to them?

Lesson 5 – Cause and Effect

What would happen if you went back in time and changed something big?

What would happen to history after that?

 What would you change in the past?
 What would then happen in the years that followed?
 What would the present day be like?

Lesson 2 – Muddled Monarchs

Can you put the following Kings and Queens in the correct order?

Henry VIII
Elizabeth II
George III
William the Conqueror (William I)
Charles II
Elizabeth I

Who is your favourite monarch? Why? Do you know what they did? If you were King or Queen what would you do?

Lesson 4 – London Landmarks

Pick a building that the Professor showed you during the tour. How long has that building been there?

Who has visited the building?

Why not draw a picture of the building as it looks now and then another picture of how the building might look in 100 years?

What differences might there be?

Try writing a short story from the point of view of the building, saying what it has seen over the years and what it thinks about its location?

Lesson 6 – Trip to the Future

Imagine what it would be like if the Professor took you on a journey 100 years into the future.

What would happen to history after that?

 What new inventions might there be?
 What will London look like?
 What will the people be like? How will they sound? How will they look?

Try writing a newspaper article set 100 years in the future giving the day’s news.